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Ongoing Research

A survey of risk factors associated with condemnation of sheep carcasses due to Cysticercus ovis infection.
B De Wolf and P. Menzies

R. Rodriguez-Sosa, V. Watts, O. Oluwole, P. Bartlewski and A. Hahnel. 

Completed Research

Characteristics of drug use on sheep farms in Ontario, Canada.
C.S. Moon, O. Berke, B.P. Avery, S.A. McEwen, R.J. Reid-Smith, L. Scott and P. Menzies.
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Effects of dietary fishmeal and soybean meal on ovine innate and acquired immunity during pregnancy and lactation. 
J.A. Stryker, R. Fisher, M. Quinton, B. McBride and N.A. Karrow. 
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Genetic evaluation developments for Canadian sheep.
S.P. Miller, L.R. Schaeffer, V. Palucci, J. Wilton, J. Tosh and G.E. Vandervoot.
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Growth performance, carcass traits and meat quality of heavy lambs reared in warm or cold environment during winter.
E. Pouliot, C. Gariepy, M. Theriault, C. Avezard, J. Fortin and F.W. Castonguay
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Performance of a predictive computer model to simulate gastrointestinal nematode epidemiology on Ontario sheep farms. 
A. Guthrie, J. Learmont, J. VanLeeuwen, A. Peregrine, D. Kelton, P.Menzies, S. Fernandez, R. Martin and A. Mederos. 
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Phylogenetic characterization of  Enzootic Nasal Tumor Virus (ENTV) infecting Canadian sheep 
Scott R. Walsh, Aimee N. Laporte, Nicolle M. Linneith, Paula I. Menzies, Robert A Foster and Sarah K. Wootton
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Prevalence and distribution of Gastrointestinal Nematodes on 32 organic and conventional commercial sheep farms in Ontario and Quebec Canada (2006-2008).
A. Mederos, S. Fernandez, J. VanLeeuwen, A.S. Peregrine, D. Kelton, P.Menzies, A. LaBoeuf and R. Martin. 
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Prevalence of Antimicrobial Resistance and Associated Risk Factors on Ontario Sheep Farms
L. Scott, P. Menzies, R. Reid-Smith, O. Berke, B. Avery and C. Moon.
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Study of population dynamics of gastrointestinal nematodes on organic sheep farms in Canada. 
A.S. Peregrine, D. Kelton, P. Menzies, J.A. Vanleeuwen, S. Fernandes, R. Martin, A Leboef and F. Corriveau.
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Use of Antimicrobial Agents and Other Veterinary Drugs on Ontario Sheep Farms. 
C. Moon, O. Berke, P. Menzies, B. Avery, S. McEwen, R. Reid-Smith and L. Scott.
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Variable adrenal responding sheep, which were selected on the basis of their cortisol response to systemic Escherichia coli Lipoplysaccharide (Lps) Endotoxin challenge, have unique bheaviour and pituitary responses to psychological stress. 
M. Marshman, C. You, I. Duncan and N.A. Karrow
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