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Cost of Production Tool

Knowing your cost of production (COP) is a key business success factor as it provides a snapshot of your sheep operation’s financial status. Ideally, you’re optimizing revenue through a cost-effective production system. Success, however, hinges on the effective use of information provided – both on-farm and externally – in making knowledgeable management decisions. 

This page offers you some useful tools developed by the CSF to help you determine your COP. It also includes links to other COP tools. The CSF tools offer you the option to anonymously provide COP information to the CSF. This information can then be used to help better represent the industry when advocating on its behalf. For example, to help determine if a program’s implementation will be too costly, or to determine what level of support sheep producers require. Of course, you can use these tools without submitting any information to the CSF at all. 

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