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Scrapie Eradication Programs ~ National Genotyping Survey

The National Genotyping Survey is a leading-edge project that provides the knowledge base for increasing resistance of Canadian sheep flocks to scrapie. By genotype testing sheep, it is possible to determine the animals that are genetically resistant to scrapie. Because the national project includes ewe genotype testing, it is one of the most advanced in the world. Between 2005 and 2008, the national survey offered Canadian purebred producers compensation for genotype testing and shipping costs. To date, about 18,000 purebred sheep across Canada have been added to the national scrapie database. Producer participation in this program closed on December 16, 2008; however, a major final report will be released in mid-2009 citing new information on the genetic resistance of the Canadian purebred sheep flock.

More information on genotyping can be found at Scrapie Genotyping or by calling 1-866-534-1302.