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Market Development Strategy

Changing consumer food preferences and population demographics clearly indicate there will be an increased demand for Canadian lamb. As an industry, the challenge is to be able to provide products to meet the demand in a consistent manner. This project was geared towards implementing the framework necessary to make this possible.

In terms of tangible goals, the CSF indicated that to support an increase in lamb consumption by 0.25 kg/person over the next five years, production must be expanded by nine per cent per year. This translates into an additional 60,000 lambs per year or 300,000 by the end of five years.

The strategy, supported by all members, including provincial organizations as well as associate members, also proposed to foster market development through increased and improved communication between all links in the value chain. In addition, the strategy set out to increase consumer awareness of Canadian lamb by providing health-related information.

To achieve these objectives, the project was divided into six components: (a) Market Opportunity Analysis; (b) Nutritional Analysis; (c) Supply Chain Development; (d) Food Service and Retail Merchandising; (e) Producer Education and (f) Business Plan.

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Funding for this project was provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada