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CVSP Producer Manual and Record Keeping Forms

Producer Manual
To download a copy of the Producer Manual without dairy sections, click here

Or contact the National Verified Sheep Program Coordinator to request a copy by mail:

Kristy House
National Coordinator
(613) - 220-2711                 
Corlena Patterson
Executive Director

On-Farm Record-Keeping Forms

One of the key components of the CSF’s Food Safe Farm Practices is maintaining an accurate and verifiable record-keeping system. Click the link below to download the associated record-keeping template:

Record 1Animal Health Product Treatments
Record 2AAnimal Health Product Inventory
Record 2BMedicated Feed Inventory
Record 3Incoming Feed and Bedding Inventory
Record 4Medicated Feed Mixing and Batch Water Mixing
Record 5Declaration of Potential Food Safety Hazard
Record 6Pesticide Use in Grazing Areas
Record 7Problems and Corrective Actions
Record 8Worker Training
Record 8AWorker Training for Dairy Operations
Record 9Daily Freezer/Bulk Tank Temperatures
Record 10Raw Milk Transport
Record 11Milking Equipment Sanitation

By maintaining these records, you will have a concrete and traceable means of ensuring that you are following the Program on a daily basis. 

Supplemental Dairy On-Farm Record-Keeping Forms

Click here for the following record-keeping forms:

Record 11Animal Health Product Treatment Record for Dairy Operations
Record 12Record of Worker Training for Dairy Operations
Record 13Daily Freezer/Bulk Tank Temperature Record
Record 14Raw Milk Transport Record

Dairy producers are asked to use Records 11 and 12 instead of Records 1 and 10. In addition to the records 2-9, you will need to maintain these records to comply with the CSF FSFP requirements for dairy operations. 

You are not required to use these record forms if you already have a system for recording the same information. However, as the validator will be familiar with these forms, using them may decrease the length of your on-farm validation.