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RFID as a Management Tool

Benefits to Canadian Sheep Producers

RFID technology provides new management tools. Results from the Alberta Lamb Traceability Project and the CSF RFID Pilot Project show that RFID systems offer potential benefits that can include:

  • faster and accurate animal data collection

  • rapid data analysis

  • the ability to generate timely reports (e.g. births, death losses, weight gain, health treatments), which can be used to assess flock performance (e.g. identify and select high-performing, replacement or cull animals)

  • faster and easier animal handling that can reduce stress on humans and animals

  • the ability to verify farm practices, animal and premises identification, and movement from farm for certification programs such as quality assurance, organic or halal production and traceability
Accurate data collection and electronic technology provide the potential for data exchange between processors and producers and for in-flock and across-flock comparisons for national genetic improvement.

RFID Management System Resources

CSF and its industry partners are committed to providing communications and educational materials to help producers understand RFID technology and use it effectively to provide value for their farm.

RFID Management Systems Brochure

Click here to download a brochure to help you find the right RFID fit for your farm.

RFID Management Systems FAQ

Click here to download a brochure to help you learn more about RFID systems. by the Alberta Lamb Traceability Pilot Project

As information and experience has accumulated, has become a valuable resource, providing information to the Canadian sheep industry on:
  • Electronic technology systems

  • Costs and potential benefits of improving flock management using new electronic systems

  • Provincial and national traceability projects and animal identification

  • International information and research on sheep traceability

The National RFID Technology Project Results

RFID Systems: A Powerful Management Tool

Click here to download information about the National RFID Technology Project Results.

RFID Management Systems - Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to download frequently asked questions about the RFID Management Systems Results. 

National Traceability Systems - Frequently Asked Questions

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