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Canadian Sheep Federation

BT Background

The Canadian sheep industry has taken an innovative step to protect sheep farmers in the event of an outbreak of Bluetongue disease. Bluetongue Insurance for Sheep is a new commercial insurance program endorsed by the Canadian Sheep Federation (CSF) with the assistance of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Private Sector Risk Management Partnerships (PSRMP) Program.

The Bluetongue Insurance program will provide sheep farmers with affordable insurance coverage for mortality, business interruption and consequential losses due to Bluetongue disease – an insect borne viral disease of sheep. This voluntary insurance program will supplement funding provided to sheep farmers through current government agricultural assistance programs.

The impetus for development of Bluetongue Insurance was provided by recent import policy changes introduced by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency coupled with the discovery of Bluetongue disease in the United Kingdom and in several Northern European countries.

The Private Sector Risk Management Partnerships (PSRMP) Program is a federal initiative that offers financial and technical assistance to producer organizations for new agricultural risk management projects.

For more program information call toll free 1-866-820-4236.