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Canadian Sheep Federation


Research into Innovation in the Agricultural Sector

Canada currently is in an advantageous position. Higher market prices for sheep and lamb over the course of 2010 and 2011 are setting the industry up for expansion. However, this expansion in order to be sustained, needs to be supported by significant investments into reserach and innovation that wil enable the sector to develop new markets, enhance sustainability and productivity, and improve food diversity and security.

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Scrapie Eradication


Re-confirmation of the Canadian sheep industry's support of current scrapie eradication measures at both the industry and government levels.

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Competitiveness of the Canadian Sheep Industry


There is real potential for growth in the Canadian sheep industry. This is an industry that can expand production without negatively impacting any other livestock commodity. To do this though, the small ruminant industry needs the government to assist in dealing with key issues such as traceability, food safety, wildlife damage, animal health, market access and the long term sustainability of producers involved in animal based agriculture.

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Food Safety


Food safety is not just the responsibility of Canadian producers. If we are going to continue to deliver the safe, high quality food that Canadian consumers have come to expect, then a collaborative approach, which includes producers, processors, retailers, consumers and government is required. With such an approach, the costs of ensuring the supply of safe, high quality food is shared.

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The lack of a coordinated national approach to predation is a major detriment to the growth of Canada's sheep industry and is a contributing factor to the ongoing attrition of Canada's sheep farmers.

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 to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food and the Minister of Natural Resources 



For the last six years, since the discovery of BSE in Canada, Canadian breeding sheep and goats have not been able to access the United States or Mexican markets. 

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