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Canadian Sheep Federation

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Board of Directors 2011-12

Executive Committee

Andrew Gordanier, Chairman
Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency
Phone: 519-925-6502

Andrew grew up on a cow-calf operation and ventured into sheep along with his parents in 2004. Their flock of 250 commercial Rideaus is growing; they also raise 30 purebred Ile de France sheep. Andrew lives in Shelburne, ON with his wife and two children (9 and 11) who keep them busy at the rink, where his son plays hockey and
his daughter figure skates.

Trent Larson, Vice-Chairman
Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board
Phone: 306-726-2926

Trent and his wife Sandy raise Romanov/Dorset cross ewes in an accelerated lambing program using Texel and Canadian Arcott as terminal sires. The pair have been farming since 2002. Their operation – Valley Edge Ranch – is located in Southey, SK, which is a 30-minute drive north of Regina.

“The CSF’s greatest value is the knowledge and advancements that can be gained through communication and cooperation with farmers across the country,” he says. “The issue of greatest interest to me is the RFID tagging system including on-farm safety. I would also like to see our government allowing access to vaccines and medications that are currently sold in countries we import sheep from but are not accessible here in Canada.”

In addition to farming, Trent does construction/renovation work in the community. He and Sandy have three children under the age of 7, which keep them very busy as well.

Barbara Johnstone Grimmer
BC Sheep Federation
Phone: 250-629-3817
Fax: 250-629-6398

Barbara grew up on small farm, and now raises sheep and beef on her Fir Hill Farm. Along with her husband Glenn, the pair has been farming on Peder Island, BC for 13 years.

Barbara feels the CSF’s greatest strength is to unify the sheep sector, and provide a voice and representation. She hopes to work with other livestock groups (such as beef and swine) who are having a difficult time because of trade rules and because input prices and commodity prices are out of sync. “These groups are looking at a national label to help drive a premium product marketing plan,” she says. “Maybe we can work with them on a “home grown” cross-commodity marketing plan.”

Barbara also keeps busy leading 4-H clubs, helping her husband with his business, and writing farm articles for a community newspaper.

Dennis Fischer

Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency

Phone: 519-363-3819

Fax: 519-363-3118


Dennis was raised on a mixed farming operation and joined the Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency Board of Directors in October 2007. Dennis along with his wife, Brenda Ann, and their four children operate a farm just outside of Elmwood. They have a commercial ewe flock consisting of 450 ewes, and a small cow/calf operation. When not at home, Dennis works as a controller for a local company.

He has been involved with the local hockey association for several years, and currently schedules referees for three local arenas. He has also been involved with the local 4-H sheep club.

Claude Gallant
Prince Edward Island Sheep Breeders’ Association
Phone: 902-651-2890

Claude and his son, Andrew, have been sheep farming in Cherry Valley, PEI, since 1993 where they run a small flock of crossbred Suffolk, Northcountry Cheviot and Dorset ewes. It's a true family operation that counts on help from Claude's wife, Sandra, and all their three children.

Claude feels CSF can help provide the information his province needs to benefit from the growing interest in sheep farming. He also believes the presence of PEI at the CSF board table helps make it a true national organization. For Claude, the CSF's greatest value is its ability to gather input from large and small operations when tackling issues regarding the production of safe and healthy food. Other issues on his radar include access to medication and ensuring RFID technology is cost effective and provides value for sheep breeders and producers.

For 35 years, Claude worked with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Crops and Livestock Research Centre as a nematology technician. Today he focuses on his family, sheep farming and is also an active member of the PEI Institute of Agrologists.

Board Members

Phil Kolodychuk
Alberta Lamb Producers
Phone: 780-835-2112
Fax: 780-835-2181

Phil farms with his wife and children in Bluesky, Alberta, located in the northern part of the province. They’ve raised lambs for the past 10 years.

Phil, who also serves as a Director forthe Alberta Lamb Producers, believes the CSF’s greatest value is working for all sheep producers in Canada. “I got involved to better my knowledge of the national sheep industry,” he says. Phil hopes to influence other producers to keep involved in their industry.

Phil also keeps busy working off the farm.

Bill Gibson
Alberta Lamb Producers
Phone: 403-788-2883

Bill has been raising sheep for 37 years. He and his wife, Lorna, and daughter, Maryellen, run Windpatch Farm near Tees, AB, where their goal is to market 500 lambs per year. He's committed to representing Alberta shepherds at the CSF board table and is particularly interested in addressing labour shortages, improving shepherd education and standardizing animal welfare rules across the country.

Bill feels that CSF's greatest value is providing the industry the ability to speak with a unified voice. "That's how we get government's attention and get things done." He believes CSF can play a key role in influencing rules governing foreign workers who seek to become shepherds and shearers in Canada.

When he's not tending the flock, you'll find Bill tinkering with one of the antique tractors he collects on his farm.

Herman Bouw
Manitoba Sheep Association

A third time returnee to the sheep industry, this time with the support of our two adult sons, Jonathan and Stefan. Our aim is to produce the best lambs in Canada, utilizing Rideau and Canadian Arcott, Texel and Ile de France. We plan to lamb 170 ewes in May 2012 and increase as quality allows.

Herman joins the Board with the hopes of seeing improved communication between board members and across provinces to ensure continued producer support of the Canadian Sheep Federation

Josephine Martensson-Hemsted
Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency

Louis-Philippe Desrosiers
Federation des producteurs d'agneaux et moutons du Quebec

Jocelyn McGraw
Sheep Producers Association of New Brunswick

Cathy Vallis
Sheep Producers Association of Nova Scotia
Phone: 902-895-4039
Fax: 902-895-1873

Cathy and her nine-year-old son, James, farm a small Rideau flock at Princeport, NS, where they sell replacement ewes and lambs. Cathy has been working with sheep since 1982 and is also an agent for Canadian Co-Operative Wool Growers in Atlantic Canada.

Cathy believes it's important Nova Scotia be part of the industry's national organization. To represent the industry effectively, she feels the CSF has to ensure that national concerns are communicated to producers to allow them to respond in an educated and informed fashion. It's her goal to ensure that CSF addresses, in a timely manner, any concerns that may affect the industry's productivity and profitability.

Cathy has lots to keep her busy. Besides running the farm and raising her son, the 4-H leader is currently president of Sheep Producers Association of Nova Scotia and also runs a livestock supply store.

Wilson Reid
Sheep Producers Association of Newfoundland and Labrador
Phone: 709-596-3974

Kim MacDougall
Canadian Sheep Breeders’ Association
Phone: 306-545-6190
Fax: 306-757-2313

Kim has been farming for 40 years. With his wife and four children, he raises purebred sheep on the family's City View Ranch, just northwest of Regina, Saskatchewan.

Kim believes the CSF plays an important role as the voice of the Canadian sheep industry. He feels CSF needs to ensure producers have a good understanding of its goals and objectives and how the organization works. When he's not sheep farming, Kim is busy working for Supreme Office Products Limited, a Saskatchewan-based office products dealer with locations throughout Canada.

Brian Greaves
Canadian Cooperative Wool Growers

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